Democrats Just Noticed This Sneaky Trick DeSantis Played On Biden — They’re Not Happy

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis from Florida had a media conference in Brandon, Florida this Thursday in what was another hit against President Biden.

DeSantis spokeswoman Christina Pushaw would not confirm to conservative reporters that the location was related to the popular “Let’s Go Brandon” public chant, a phrase that is used in place of “Fuck Joe Biden,” instead focused on the legislation the conservative governor will sign at the media conference.

“Governor DeSantis signed the bills passed in the special session to guard parents’ rights and guard Florida jobs from overreaching Covid mandates,” Pushaw said to conservative reporters. “Companies and governments both will be prevented from enacting mandates for employees.”

The governor previously mentioned the Biden administration as the “Brandon White House” at their press conference in Nov., after which the audience burst into the chant. DeSantis supported his use of the phrase against critics during an interview with WPEC CBS12 News journalist Jay O’Brien.

“I think it is a joke but honestly, one of the top reasons why it has taken hold is because many liberals in the national media, they are very sensitive to it,” DeSantis said.

“Because what occurred was people were yelling something else which was colorful. You had a journalist, and she said it was ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ when that was clearly not what was said,” he added.

Biden and Governor DeSantis previously showed up beside each other after the Surfside condominium collapse. At this time, DeSantis praised Joe Biden for “recognizing the severity of the tragedy and being very supportive.”

This all comes at a time when Joe Biden has fallen hard and fast in the polls. With him losing the excitement among Democrats that was seen right after he entered the White House. Meanwhile Democrats overall have also fallen, and Republicans have gained, in almost all new surveys of the American public in the past few months. People from both sides of the aisle are concerned about increasing inflation, CRT training in schools, mass immigrations, among other topics.

Author: Scott Dowdy