Tucker Carlson Scores The Ultimate Win Against Fake Republicans

Two Trump-hating RINOs, pundits named Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg, have quit the Fox News network in protest of the January 6 reporting by primetime ratings titan Tucker Carlson.

Goldberg and Hayes wrote an article in The Dispatch saying they left Fox News because of Tucker Carlson’s Patriot Purge documentary, which has exposed the federal involvement with starting the violence at the January 6 U.S. Capitol rally.

“The special—which was aired on Fox’s streaming service previously this month and was promoted by Fox News—is presented in an exposé style, a hard-hitting documentary of investigative journalism. In reality, it is a mashup of incoherent conspiracies, along with factual inaccuracies, deceptive imagery, and omissions,” they complained.

“We made a pledge to our fans that we would challenge our assumptions as well as challenge theirs, and that we would not pull any punches. The tension between doing this and staying loyal to Fox has tested us over the previous few years. But with the Patriot Purge release, we felt we couldn’t do right and stay at Fox News. So we left,” Hayes and Goldberg said.

“We are thankful for the opportunities we have had at the Fox network and we admire many of the journalists there. This is our final recourse. We don’t regret our decision, even if we see it as regrettably necessary,” the authors said.

We have reported on Tucker Carlson’s Patriot Purge series, which did not get cancelled despite the desperate work of the deep state to censor the information:

“Primetime host Tucker Carlson’s new series Patriot Purge, which tries to tell the true story of the Jan. 6 Election protest, has been aired despite a large effort by Deep State operatives and crooked political media types to remove the film from the internet. The three-part series is now available on TuckerCarlson.com.”

Various Deep Staters condemned the documentary before it premiered online, including CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Democrat Eric Swalwell, who is best known for his relationship with a Chinese spy. The ADL has also shown their displeasure with Tucker’s new documentary. Dick Cheney’s daughter Liz Cheney, a very unpopular GOP congresswoman, tried to censor the film by criticizing Fox and Rupert Murdoch for allowing it to have a “platform.”

Author: Scott Dowdy