Democrats Laugh Off The Murder Of Innocent Conservatives

Illinois Democrat Mary Lemanski said that the recent Christmas parade massacre was “karma” against the residents of Wisconsin for last week’s “not guilty” verdicts in the well-promoted Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

Lemanski is the current social media director for the DNC Party in the country of DuPage, according to the NY Post.

“The blood of Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder victims is on the hands of Wisconsin residents,” Lemanski said via Twitter, “even the children.”

Whoa. But that is alright, because she has the right feelz: “I am sad when someone dies. I just believe in Karma and this one came around fast on the residents of Wisconsin.”

“It was probably only self defense,” she wrote about the Christmas parade killer Darrell E. Brooks in a now deleted tweet.

People are terrible on Twitter all the time, and I do not get upset about this. To me, the worst part is the story is that Lemanski is currently studying comedy in Chicago. She is doing this in an improv troupe that launched talent such as Bill Murray, Jim Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Joan Rivers, John Candy, and Steve Carell.

So let’s sum things up.

When Wisconsin authorities allow a known violent repeat offender out who then get shot while attempting to kill a teenager, that’s an outrage; When Wisconsin police allow another known violent repeat offender out who then drives through a Christmas parade, murdering several and wounding dozens more, that is justice.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is your postmodern American anti-white Left — and there is nothing funny about it at all.

This comes at a time when Biden’s White House in continuing to target white Americans using accusations of “White nationalist terrorist” to excuse their vile hatred and military style raids on normal people who protested peacefully.

The left seems to be filled with the most potent form of hate and this never gets discussed. Whether it’s gloating about white guilt propaganda being forced onto children, or laughing about a murder spree that led to the death of children, the left is always there to hope the worst against white Americans and any other conservatives who may be supportive of them.

Author: Scott Dowdy