Leaked Pics Prove Biden Isn’t Even In The Oval Office – Guess Where He’s At?

The more we watch the Biden administration, the more we have to wonder: is this real? We know that Biden and the Democrats care more about appearances than real accomplishments. They go out of their way to heavily control how Sleepy Joe appears before the public. But, if we’re being honest, all this is getting pretty weird.

If Joe were a real president, why isn’t he using the Oval Office? Recent appearances reveal he is using a set built to look like the office, complete with fake windows, desks, and chairs. It is an odd and off-putting TV set that suggests this administration is more of a show, than a real administration.

But now, the “White House” has added another phony element to this badly-produced show, exit music.

As reporters shouted questions at the president, his staff played soft elevator music as he exited the special set across the street from the White House in the Executive Office Building. The set was constructed to look like the White House, and digital window panes can be changed to project views of the Rose Garden…

Biden is taking fewer and fewer questions as he continues avoiding interactions with the press, who keep asking him about higher inflation, worker shortages, supply chain problems, and high gas prices. [Source: Breitbart]

This is so hilariously pathetic. Biden’s handlers do not let him answer questions, probably because he’s just a puppet they cannot trust to speak for himself. So, he tends to turn his back on reporters after his short “press conferences” as they shout questions to him. Apparently, his staff realize how bad this looks. Instead of just letting him do his job, they are now playing music over the reporters’ shouts, as if that makes it look better.

What’s even more hilarious is the fact the music is this silly, slinky-headed type stuff that makes the experience appear even more detatched from reality.

Meanwhile, Biden ignores the growing inflation, supply chain shortages, and other economic woes caused by his failed administration. His weak message during this appearance was that, despite the fact you cannot even find a turkey this Thanksgiving, our country has made “enormous progress.”

Yes, enormous progress in the wrong direction.

Thanks to Biden, our country is the laughing stock of the world. We had to beg Russia and China for just a little bit of oil. We can’t even get people to offload ships full of goods, as grocery store shelves remain empty. Our border is being flooded by illegal aliens. All the while, Democrats fight to pass legislation that makes the rich even richer.

And that’s not even getting into Biden’s decisions that aim to destroy our constitutional liberties.

Everything we’ve seen from this administration suggests it is a front for the corrupted, liberal elite. They are not working for the good of Americans, but rich globalists and special interest groups. But nobody is being fooled. This pathetic administration can’t even answer questions from the liberal media. And that elevator music only underscores their fakeness.

Author: Matt Jones