Biden Family Caught Red-Handed In Secret Chinese Transaction

The Biden family was going to benefit from one deal to transfer America’s natural gas to a Chinese energy corporation named CEFC, through a possible 2017 deal that Hunter and Jim Biden was a part of, according to new documents — as the Biden White House now hugely scales back U.S. energy production.

Documents never before detailed, from the infamous Hunter Biden “laptop from hell,” reveal that Biden was working on an agreement in 2017 to move natural gas from a Louisiana location to CEFC — the same Chinese company that Hunter also spoke about a business idea that would include “10 percent being held for the big guy” — but this deal never happened.

That would not stop the Chinese business players from pushing Hunter to aid his father mount a bid to become U.S. president years later.

In an email dated October 23, 2017, an intermediary person called JiaQi Bao, which connected Hunter Biden to his business associates in China, sent a message thanking Hunter and Jim for scheduling the meeting with the company’s president of a Louisiana natural gas processing facility named Monkey Island LNG, and revealed plans for what would be spoken about.

“We have a meeting scheduled tomorrow at 3CC along Greg Michaels, the current president of the Monkey Island LNG facility in Louisiana. Thank you for Hunter and Jim for getting the owner to speak with us,” she says in an email received by Jim, Hunter and Gongwen Dong, the Chinese investor involved in numerous deals linked to the Bidens.

Leveraging the Biden family name to get high profile meetings with foreign clients was not only a good deal for Jim and Hunter Biden.

It was previously reported by the NY Post that Hunter Biden was also responsible for all family expenses — with Hunter once saying to his daughter that he had to “pay for everything for the whole family.”

The Post said back in July:

“I hope you can do what I did and pay for this whole family for 30 years,” Hunter said in a 2019 text message to Naomi, his daughter, that was found on his laptop. “It is very hard. But hey don’t worry, unlike dad, I won’t make you hand over half of your salary.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire