Democrats Rip Each Other Apart As Republicans Grab The Popcorn

The GOP red wave from this week’s victories across the country has inflamed Democratic infighting over President Biden’s radical agenda.

The victory that came from high turnout among rural Americans and Hispanic Americans, along with parents angry over anti-white Critical Race Theory and people who were against defunding the police, directly goes against liberal policies.

Voters’ rejection of these extreme policies has Dems pointing fingers at one another over who is to blame for the loss. Democratic “moderates” say that radical policies are behind the losses, while the far-left says the thrashing was Joe Biden’s fault for not pushing through his extreme reconciliation agenda through Congress fast enough.

Monday morning, an unnamed Dem congressman from NJ said to Politico Playbook that Joe Biden failed to pass anything, which hurt his base’s enthusiasm.

“Total fucking disaster on the whole ballot and too close at the top. Excitement was not enough for the top of the New Jersey ticket — Biden and Covid. Nothing accomplished. Should have pushed through infrastructure a month ago,” he said.

In contrast, a liberal House aide also told Playbook the loss this Tuesday is not the fault of progressives. “It is absurd to blame the progressives for Virginia,” the person stated, mentioning the race was lost due to the election not being about “federal issues.”

“If you want to fault Washington, fault the tiny group of right-leaning Dems who intentionally stopped childcare, universal pre-k, drug reforms, and paid leave,” the far-left aide said the blame was on “moderate” Democrats.

Dem strategist Sean Clegg said to the LA Times the Virginia outcome pressurizes Joe Biden’s far-left agenda, exacerbating DNC infighting.

“The election in Virginia is a reflection of a dynamic that is going on in the party right now and with the president, and we have to correct it if we want to win,” Clegg said.

Guy Cecil, chairman of the DNC group Priorities USA, told CNN that Democrats need to react to the loss by keeping on pushing the radical policies of the Biden-Harris White House.

“We must start tomorrow to mobilize those people who turned out to vote DNC in 2020,” Cecil said. “And we must draw a contrast between Republican extremism and Democratic progress.”

Author: Scott Dowdy