Biden Gets An Unexpected Thanksgiving ‘Surprise’ From Trump

A new poll has found that not too many Americans want to put a “Biden 2024” sign on their lawns, while adding to the drumbeat of surveys saying that former President Trump would win a rematch against President Biden.

A poll done by Rasmussen Reports discovered that just 30 percent of possible voters believed that Biden’s plans to go for re-election, emphasized last week by White House Media Secretary Jen Psaki, amounted to a great idea.

The poll, released recently, reported that 56 percent said it was a not a good idea. The poll’s margin of error was 3 percent.

When Rasmussen Reports mentioned a possible Trump-Biden rematch, Trump showed as the winner, 45 percent to 32 percent, with a 47 percent to 20 percent margin with independents.

Trump has given a lot of hints about his 2024 candidacy, but he has given any definitive announcements.

In compiling what the surveys have to say, Politico said that a Fabrizio, Lee & Associates survey done for Trump’s MAGA Committee revealed that in five important swing states Joe Biden won in 2020, Donald Trump would win.

In the survey, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania would all go for Donald Trump. The poll an error margin of 4 percent.

The margins for Trump were 10 points in Wisconsin, 12 points in Michigan, eight points in Arizona, six in Pennsylvania and three points in Georgia.

“Survey after survey clearly shows that former President Donald Trump is still at the top of the Republican party and will be its 2024 nominee if he runs,” pollster Tony Fabrizio said, as reported by Politico.

“These new numbers clearly reveal that today the American voters in these five crucial states would be happy to return Donald Trump to the White House and send Joe Biden packing,” he said.

One Newsweek article also spoke about several other polls with similar numbers for both Trump and Biden.

On Friday, Trump tore into Biden’s management of COVID-19.

“Look, I wanted Joe Biden to be successful on COVID — or as I say, the China virus,” Trump said during his interview with Fox Business. “I wanted him to be successful. He has been completely unsuccessful. It is a disaster what has happened.”

Author: Blake Ambrose