Biden Hilariously Caught Breaking His Own Rules — This Image Went Viral For a Reason

President Biden was seen in a store not using a face mask, even with the store enforcing masks, Fox News has reported.

Joe Biden, who has been encouraging Americans to use masks, was seen without a mask inside Murrays Toggery Shop in Massachusetts over the weekend, Fox News has reported.

Biden had a mask around his neck instead of covering his mouth or nose. The storefront had a visible sign outside that said, “Required face covering,” the outlet said in their report.

Biden exited the store around 4:45 pm with his mask down and drinking what seemed to be a milkshake, the outlet said.

Biden ignored questions from the news media on what more should be done to stop the new Omicron variant. Joe Biden visited another store, the outlet said.

Nantucket recently re-imposed their mask mandate because of a recent uptake in coronavirus cases, the NY Post reported.

Biden was in Nantucket spending his Thanksgiving at the home of David Rubinstein, a Bloomberg TV host and private-equity investor, the outlet said.

Biden has been seen without his masks on many occasions. He was recently spotted at an upscale D.C. restaurant walking without a face mask. He was also spotted in November mingling without a mask and only using it during a photo-op, Fox News has reported.

The President said we need a 3-month nationwide mask mandate back in August, saying that the initiative might save 40,000 people, the NY Post reported.

Many Democrats other than the president have also been caught only wearing face masks during photo-ops. AOC was seen in the early days of the pandemic not wearing a mask, then putting one on right before a group photo was going to be taken.

The left is always quick to judge Americans, and give orders to the public, but when it comes to themselves following their own orders, they seem to have an uncaring attitude. Is this because they don’t believe covid-19 is real? Or is it because they simply have an elitist attitude toward giving orders that they themselves are immune from?

Author: Scott Dowdy