Woke Fail: Voters Reject Companies That Push Politics Over Products

Since 2016, there has been a notable increase in the amount of politics pushed by folks outside the political world. You may not have noticed it at first, but today, nearly every major corporation—from movie production companies to soda brands—tries to find a way to let you know what they think about social issues facing our country. But has this push to inject politics into nearly every aspect of our lives worked?

Let’s look at the plain facts of it. When you buy a Coke, do you want the company to remind you that “Black Lives Matter”? Are you interested in Target’s CEO’s views on transgenderism? Does knowing how “woke” Disney is these days actually help you make decisions that are important to your family. And most importantly (to these companies), does any of this effect the way you vote?

Chances are, your answer to all of these questions is a resounding no. Yet the top CEOs of America’s biggest companies continue to use their platform to push politics, usually left-wing politics. But now, after this new poll, perhaps they’ll rethink that.

Brunswick, a group that advises corporations and large businesses, conducted a survey of 301 U.S. corporate executives and 800 2020-voters from September 29 to October 7, 2021…

The key findings of the report found that “Corporate executives are 2-to-1 ‘out of step’ with broader public sentiment related to engagement on social issues.”

Likewise, “only a minority of voters (36%) agree unequivocally that companies should speak out on social issues, compared to 63% of corporate executives.” [Source: Daily Wire]

The results of this poll were pretty amazing. They found that these top executives “vastly overestimated” how much their political opinions mattered to customers. Uh, duh! It’s hilarious to think that millionaires who run big companies really believe we’re sitting at home, wondering what they think about BLM or critical race theory. They appear to be as self-involved and delusional as Hollywood actors, who spend most of their time pushing politics on Twitter.

The poll discovered this wasn’t just the case with Trump voters. Even Biden voters didn’t think CEOs’ virtue signaling was effective or wanted. It seems the poll revealed what most of us already knew, that Americans just want companies to provide quality products or services, not lecture us on politics.

But do you think these CEOs will get the message? Woke messaging has become standard practice for nearly every industry in America. These companies think they must tell us how to think. They seem to believe that their constant, left-wing propaganda is going to manipulate how we vote. No matter how many times we reject their influence, they keep hounding us.

Perhaps we’ll just have to send them a message, with our wallets.

Author: Alex Matteson