Antifa Violently Attacks GOP Senator — Guess How Biden’s FBI Responded?

Fox News host Tucker Carlson spoke about the very light sentence handed to the man in comparison to the prison sentences given to Jacob Chansley (aka the “QAnon Shaman”) who got 41 months for going in, walking around, and smiling inside the Capitol building on January 6.

“In case you are looking for another example of justice being enforced unequally, here’s a new one: the QAnon Shaman is in a prison cell for three years for his walking and smiling around the Capitol building on January 6. But in the rest of the nation, Antifa riots, setting buildings on fire, the feds went very easy on one axe-wielding vandal who broke into a United States senator’s office,” Carlson noted.

According to the news outlet Post Millennial, this Antifa member’s name was Thomas “Tas” Alexander Starks. He used his axe and broke into Sen. John Hoeven’s office on Dec. 21st, 2020. It was all seen on video which revealed Starks using his axe to break through the senator’s door and windows. He plead guilty to destruction of U.S. government property.

The FBI’s special treatment of Starks stands in stark contrast to how the QAnon Shaman was dealt with. Starks got only probation and the FBI even stunningly gave the axe back to him after his lenient punishment, according to Melugin.

“Even though federal guidelines ask for ten to sixteen months in prison for this crime, Starks was given probation and a $2,800 fine. Now here is the kicker: The Post Millennial says that the FBI even gave the axe back to Starks, mentioning Starks’ social media posts where he said ‘look what the FBI were gave back to me,’” Melugin said.

While awaiting his sentencing, Starks reportedly said: “I am ANTIFA. I will always attack fascists, who have racial superiority complexes based on nationalism that supports genocide to fuel war that is the worst of humanity.”

It is clear that Biden’s federal police forces want to target conservatives to discourage wrong-think. This trend of intimidation and terror tactics will only get worse until American patriots retake power in 2024.

Author: Blake Ambrose