Family Corruption Brings CNN Leaders To Their Knees

The CNN news outlet has suspended anchor Chris Cuomo this Tuesday after a blistering report that showed the great lengths he went to aid his brother, former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, in getting through the sexual harassment allegations against him.

CNN issued a comment about the sudden suspension through CNN reporter and leader, Brian Stelter.

“The NY Attorney General’s office gave transcripts and exhibits this Monday that put new light on Chris’s connection to his brother’s case,” said the comment.

“The documents, which we did not have before their public release, cause serious concerns. When Chris admitted to us he had given advice to his brother’s staff, he broke CNN rules and we acknowledged this publicly,” the comment continued.

“But we understood the unique situation he was in and knew about his need to put family first and the job second,” they said. “However, these newly revealed documents reveal a greater level of connection to his brother’s case than we previously understood. Because of this, we have now suspended Chris indefinitely, pending a further evaluation.”

The state A.G. had given almost a nine hour testimony in the investigation of numerous allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Andrew Cuomo, who was the governor during the time of the accused crimes.

Among these transcripts which were published was an acknowledgement from his young brother, Chris Cuomo, that he asked his contacts as a CNN reporter to find more information about the accusations against his brother.

AG Letitia James has before announced her campaign to be the Governor of New York, leading many of Cuomo’s supporters to say she was guilty of wanting to damage the former governor for political reasons.

The mainstream media in America is known for its connections to both Hollywood and Washington D.C., two areas where the extreme left thrive. But to have two immediate family members in such high positions in both politics and the news reveal a small glimpse at the possible corruption and organizing that happens everyday in American elite circles. And it further shows why supporting alternative media is so important if we have any chance of defending democracy.

Author: Scott Dowdy