Biden’s Plot For Total Control Stalled By Countless Legal Defeats

It’s almost standard practice, these days, for a president’s policy to be challenged in court. Obama was quick to run to the courts whenever his broken vision for America was rightfully challenged. Trump had to go to court, thanks to the constant partisan opposition from entrenched blue states. Federal courts, part of the third branch of the government, exist solely to check the power of the other two.

And thank God they are there, otherwise, Biden would be effectively a dictator by now.

Since entering office, Biden has betrayed his promise of returning American to “normalcy.” He has pushed his agenda in ways nobody thought possible. He has violated the separation of powers, not to mention his orders that trample Americans’ constitutional rights. But because Congress is currently Democrat-controlled, it refuses to hold him accountable.

Thankfully, the courts are still functioning. And they have delivered countless decisions against Biden. The courts have hammered him so much, they’ve effectively stalled his socialist agenda.

Since President Biden took office in January, federal courts across the country have ruled against his administration time and again, finding many of his policies violate the Constitution. The Biden legal defeats have extended nationwide, impacting a wide range of issues — most recently vaccine mandates…

Beyond vaccine mandates, the courts have quashed several other efforts by Biden to respond to COVID-19, deeming them unconstitutional…

The high court’s decision came two days after it denied Biden’s legal bid to rescind the Remain in Mexico Policy, officially called the Migrant Protection Protocols — another major loss in the courts…

Less than a week after Biden assumed office, a federal court in Texas temporarily blocked the Biden administration’s 100-day moratorium on deportations of some illegal immigrants. [Source: Just the News]

The above examples are just a sampling of the cases brought against the Biden administration. Frankly, we can go on and on all day. The fact of the matter is, Biden’s agenda has been such a disaster, it doesn’t take much deliberation by federal courts to overturn it. Biden has disregarded the Constitution when setting his policy.

That’s not hyperbole. The people who help Biden make decisions are not consulting what power the president rightfully has over the country. Our system was designed for a reason. The president is not a king nor a dictator. He cannot simply snap his figures and uproot our laws, values, and practices. Yet Biden thinks he can simply make edicts we all must follow blindly.

He’s done it in nearly every issue. Even issues he knows must go through Congress, like gun control, he’s tried to use federal agencies as workarounds. When a president so blatantly ignores the constitutional limits to his power, of course, the courts are going to strike back.

What’s shocking is that, in some cases, Biden has even refused to obey court rulings. Initially, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh ended the eviction moratorium, saying it had to go through Congress. Biden rejected his order until the entire court was forced to rule. Even now, Biden is trying to defy two court rulings that require the Remain in Mexico policy to be reinstated.

From all appearances, this man is trying to defy our laws to get his way. When is Congress going to step in and end this nonsense?

Author: Doug Brown