Democrats Desperately Try To Bury The Link Between Vaccines & This Disease

The vaccines made with federal funding that multi-national companies are profiting from were sold to the American and global public as a needed part of fighting a disease with more than a 99 percent survival rate. So, this vaccine was so good that evidence about its imperfections are covered up by our benevolent overlords supposedly for the greater good.

More recently, there were growing concerns over greater increases in deaths in several nations that simply cannot be linked to any covid variants. According to some news outlets, top Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra has warned about the possible funding problems that cause many scientists to self-censor any discovery that could contradict the mainstream liberal narrative.

During his appearance and interview on GB News, Dr. Malhotra spoke about how he was called by a colleague at a prominent British university who revealed that he found an unignorable connection between the inflaming of heart coronary arteries and getting experimental covid vaccines.

Dr. Malhotra’s colleague also told him that the institution went against publishing the research for the fear of losing their funding from the inevitable pushback.

“Someone from a top British institution – a cardiology researcher – contacted me to report that researchers had discovered something similar inside the coronary arteries connected to the vaccines,” said Dr. Malhotra about the UK government data revealing an alarming uptick in heart-related deaths recently.

“They had one meeting and the scientists at the moment have said they won’t publish their discoveries because they are worried about losing their research money from the industry.” Dr. Malhotra said.

Fortunately, there was a recent research paper that was boldly released by Steven Gundry, who’s a top cardiologist. His research revealed that coronavirus vaccines “dramatically boost T cell infiltration of cardiac muscles and inflammation on the endothelium.” as reported by Dr. Malhotra.

Dr. Malhotra also said this issue was personal for him, sharing that his father was part of a statistical increase when he died of cardiac arrest in July this year.

As people become more aware of the side-effects of the vaccine, they are becoming more forceful in their refusal of vaccine mandates that are being imposed worldwide.

Author: Blake Ambrose