Biden Caught In Another Huge Lie You Have To See To Believe

CLAIM: President Biden said this week that he was invited to come to Israel as a U.S. “liaison” to Egypt before the Six Day War.

TRUTH: FALSE. Joe Biden was only a law student when the Six Day War happened in 1967. Biden only visited Israel six years after, in 1973.

President Joe Biden tried to impress people at the yearly White House menorah event, revealing the kind of fake story that has become a trademark of his, saying he was invited to Israel by PM Golda Meir during the Six Day War.

From the official White House transcript:

“I was saying to some younger people on my staff about my many visits to Israel. I said — and then, suddenly, I realized, “God, you are getting old, Biden.”

“I have known all prime ministers including Golda Meir. And in the Israel-Egypt Six-Day War, the Prime Minister invited me to come there to be the liaison between her and Egypt concerning the Suez.”

“And I sat at her desk. And she had on of her staff members — to my right. His name was Rabin. And the Prime Minister kept flipping her maps up and down. She had that group of maps —and it was so depressing what about to happen. She gave me all the details.”

There are several lies in Joe Biden’s claims, including the following:

The Six Day War happened in 1967. Joe Biden was a law student and only elected to the United States Senate later, in 1972.

PM Golda Meir was not the Israeli prime minister in 1967; that was Levi Eshkol. Meir was elected in 1969.

Joe Biden’s first visit to Israel as a United States Senator happened in 1973 (he has told the story many times before).

Biden was not a “liaison” between Egypt and Israel, if he was, he was a bad one, because war happened weeks later.

Joe Biden does not talk about any “liaison” work between Israel and Egypt inside his 2007 memoir.

One discussion with an Israeli Prime Minister that Joe Biden does not wish to talk about is an argument that happened in a closed door meeting in 1982, when he attempted to threaten Israeli PM Menachem Begin with a removal of United States aid. Begin was not impressed.

Author: Steven Sinclaire