Did Pelosi Just Go Brain-Dead On Live Television? (Watch Here)

The evidence is forming that President Joe Biden is not the only Democrat that Americans should be worried about as it relates to how things work upstairs.

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went to the podium this Thursday for her weekly media conference, she went into a stream of incoherent thought that would have rivaled Joe Biden on his absolute worst day.

And it could not have built any confidence in the country’s top leadership.

According to the C-SPAN archive of the media conference, Pelosi was questions about a bill supported by Senators Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida, and Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, that punishes the CCP for its evil human rights abuses.

Nancy Pelosi’s answer, if you can claim it was an answer, left even the leftwing devoted partisan reporters scratching their heads.

What she seemed to be attempting to say was that the bill in the House from Congressman Jim McGovern, a Massachusetts Dem, was better — but seriously, that is just a guess.

According to the C-SPAN video, Pelosi first went for former President Donald Trump as being an “autocrat” with no regard for human rights.

“I take second place to nobody in the Congress in criticism of China and their human rights record,” she said before going for Trump and his dealings with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

So far, she seems normal.

Then she went completely off the rails, apparently mixing in mentions to the EAGLE Act, a law passed in the House targeting China, with the names of Congress-members, and various moments of brain freeze.

“We have a House bill. It is the McGovern bill, uh, the, uh, the — it is the bill that we could have freestanding or inside the EAGLE Act, that is a part of the, um, Mr. — Foreign Affairs Committee — no, Meeks’ bill. Kendrick — we are all very sad about Carrie Meek dying this week, so I mentioned her son.”

Elderly aunts drinking too many glasses of wine are more understood than this comment from 81-year-old Pelosi.

For people keeping score, Pelosi was talking about Rep. Carrie Meek, a Florida Dem who died Sunday. As her AP obituary said, Meek’s son Kendrick went into politics after his mom and took her seat in the U.S. House, leaving in 2010.

Author: Scott Dowdy