America’s Police Targeted At Never-Before-Seen Rates

More than 60 U.S. police officers were shot and killed while on duty since the start of 2021, a new report reveals, after anti-police riots and the beginning of the “Defund the Police” agenda in 2020.

According to data from the National Fraternal Order of Police, 60 officers among 45 states and territories were killed in gun fights from Jan. 1 to Dec. 3 — a almost 28 percent uptick in fatal shootings of police compared to 2020 when 47 police officers were killed.

As of Nov. 30, FOP records show that 314 officers were shot since the start of the year. One hundred and nineteen of these shootings happened during 95 separate ambush-style attacks on police officers, resulting in 28 total deaths.

Ambush attacks on police officers have gone up by almost 130 percent since 2020.

According to data, three police officers were killed in the initial four days of Dec. Madison “Skip” Nicholson, a reserve deputy, was killed in Wilcox County, Alabama on Dec. 1.

Likewise, Texas officer Richard Houston, II was killed on Dec. 3 while Missouri detective Antonio Valentine was shot and killed in a pursuit on Dec. 1.

The uptick in killings of police officers this year is coming after last year 2020 was marked with a series of violent anti-law enforcement riots and the national “Defund the Police” movement after the death of George Floyd.

Bail reforms, where cash bail was abolished and replaced with immediate release for suspects already charged with crimes, across blue states like California, New York, and Illinois have dramatically boosted the number of repeat criminals who are now back on America’s streets within hours after committing sometimes horrible violent crimes.

In Illinois, Governor J.B. Pritzker (D) signed a law this year that bans officers from the use of deadly force against suspects for property crimes and bans cash bails in the state by Jan. 2023, among other changes.

Democrats and their media friends have undoubtedly caused the uptick in hate against American police officers. Their efforts to create the narrative that cops are evil has led to the violence being seen throughout America right now.

Author: Scott Dowdy