Democrats Make Medical Tyranny a Permanent Installment In America

Despite many Americans now believing they are a thing of the past, The Oregon Health Authority had a committee last week and now intends to make its indoor masking mandate permanent.

“Permanent is indefinite. It does not necessarily mean completely permanent,” OHA’s medical director for communicable viruses and immunizations Dr. Paul Cieslak said, as reported by KATU.

The Rules Advisory Committee is filled with community stakeholders including people who represent faith-based groups and the hospitality industry. Their purpose is to talk about the contents and possible influence of the “indefinitely permanent” new rule.

“We can repeal this rule, but we are just allowed to have any temporary rule change for 180 days, and if anything goes beyond these 180 days, we cannot prolong this temporarily, it is either adopted formally or let go,” Cieslak said.

The two-hour discussion between OHA and RAC concluded the committee’s efforts with the rule-making process, although people may still make public remarks after the rule is formally put forward.

The possible implementation of a new permanent mask enforcement generated some very tongue-in-cheek replies indicating how easy it is for Oregonians to get their freedoms back after permanent rules are in place.

Others were ready to toss in the towel on freedom, saying that “It is not a deal even if it’s forever.”

Outdoor masking in the state of Oregon was a requirement for many months until OHA repealed this mandate in Nov., although they kept their indoor mask rules.

Marty Makary, a Johns Hopkins Professor, is against indefinite mandates because of the possible unintended consequences of being very cautious.

“We mights have a baseline rate of coronavirus cases hovering in the Southeast forever,” he said in November according to Fox News. “We are now going into an endemic phase and the concern we need to ask is, do people really want a never-ending society with Americans masked?”

“And the small benefits of masking is lowered as the prevalence of the virus goes down,” Makary said.

This new change comes at a time when Biden’s approval rating is already falling like a rock, and Democrats are worried for 2022.

Author: Steven Sinclaire