Texas Governor Leads America Out Of Crisis As Biden Fails On Every Level

It’s no secret that American manufacturing all be died out, thanks to outsourcing. American companies became addicted to relying on foreign-made products over the last thirty-plus years. That may have lowered the costs of some products—and made CEOs richer—but it came at a heavy price. Americans lost good-paying jobs and we were all stuck in a precarious position.

That position got much worse, thanks to the pandemic of last year. With countries locked down and factory workers forced to stay home, we suddenly found ourselves unable to acquire needed items. This shortage has harmed numerous industries and continues to this day. Car sellers have nearly no inventory, medical providers have dwindling supplies, and even certain foods are getting scarce.

But the Lone Star State is not sitting back and letting these shortages continue. Because Gov. Abbott has a plan.

Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) wants the Lone Star State to become a hub for semiconductor manufacturing as critical industries are impacted by the global supply chain crisis…

“The country made a mistake over the past one or two decades to farm out manufacturing of all these essential supplies,” said Abbott, “whether it be now semiconductors or could be health care supplies that we needed during the time of COVID, whatever the case may be, we need to not depend upon China or other countries for our essential needs, for things like semiconductors.” […]

As Abbott mentioned, supply chain backlogs are threatening the supply of several dozen pharmaceutical products — including heart medications, antibiotics, and cancer drugs. [Source: Daily Wire]

Texas has already faired better during the pandemic and supply chain crisis than most states, thanks to its self-sufficiency. And now, it looks like it will be saving more than a few companies’ bacon, as it partners with Samsung to build a $17 billion semiconductor factory in Taylor, Texas. Producing these chips—which are used in every from smartphones to cars—in America is a huge victory. And it will reduce our dependence on foreign manufacturers.

We shouldn’t be surprised to find out, one day, that Texas will end up solving the pharmaceutical shortages. As it stands 80% of our pharmaceutical ingredients and 90% of our generic medicines come from India and China. That’s hardly a sustainable situation, given America’s deteriorating relationship with China. If we want to get off of the CCP’s teat, America needs to start making these essential products here.

Texas is a desirable place to build, because of historically low taxes and other policies favorable to businesses. Once upon a time, companies sought to lay down roots in New York or California. Not anymore. Blue states’ high taxes, crippling regulations, and rising crime are driving companies to places like Texas, Florida, and North Carolina. Even cargo ships are ditching CA to dock in Houston or Jacksonville.

It won’t be long until Southern, conservative states are the hubs of industry.

Author: James Smith