Biden Caught Using a Soviet Technique To Brainwash Americans

While the economic news has not been wonderful this past year, the White House is now seeking to change that. Apparently, White House officials have been secretly meeting with certain news outlets to “better shape” the news coverage that Joe Biden and his team are receiving.

Sounds sort of unethical, doesn’t it? And as you might expect, CNN is trying to spin the news as some normal thing. The meetings were “productive” according to Brian Stelter.

If this is all normal, why does this happen “behind the scenes” instead of open briefings so the public can see these discussions? We understand the answer: It’s not normal. This is reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s emails revealing that her campaign partnered directly with reporters to give them stories. That is clearly, in my view, what is happening here with the Biden Administration, and it is very unethical.

Unfortunately for Biden, he has managed to hit the rare triple mistake of this being insulting, unethical, and even ineffective. While the news media has power to manipulate coverage, and the White House is supposedly being allowed to shape it on their behalf, in the end, you cannot lie to people about their real economic situation. Pretending that inflation does not exist will change what Americans see with their own eyes in the grocery store or gas station.

Further, I would not anticipate that many Americans will buy into the crazy argument that things are “better” now than last year. Sure, some things are better, but that is expected given what we had before…forcibly locked down.

What Americans want is fast progress, not a government that ruins their savings and goes for their retirement accounts. They are not impressed by the terrible jobs numbers. And they do not care that they have “more money in their pocket” if their money has less purchasing power overall.

So while the Biden White House and the news media are working to change the narrative, it cannot be changed by a change in coverage. Biden’s newest approval numbers attest to this. That they would even try to gaslight Americans like this only makes them seem more pathetic and weak.

Author: Blake Ambrose