Did Fauci Intentionally Let People Die? All Signs Point To Yes

Republican Senator Ron Johnson (WI) excoriated Dr. Fauci for what the senator has said was a failed response to the coronavirus pandemic because he “sabotaged” early treatments.

“Horse dewormers” was the term used last year to describe several widely available and now inexpensive drugs some Americans took to treat the COVID virus.

“Despite this extensive reporting by many news sources on studies that revealed cheap, generic drugs like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin have had greater success rates with covid patients,” Senator Johnson says. “Dr. Fauci and other medical workers have worked hard to deny covid sufferers access to these effective treatments.”

In a recent tweet, the GOP senator asked: “Did Fauci’s response to coronavirus work? 788,000 lives gone, many because he sabotaged and ignored early treatment using widely available drugs in favor of a vaccine that was not as safe or effective as we all believed it would be.”

Johnson further said that, rather than support the use of such therapeutics, Fauci worked diligently to ensure Americans give up their arms for what is still an untested vaccine.

On December 1, World Aids Day, while talking to Fox News host Brian Kilmeade, Senator Johnson said, “Fauci did this same thing with AIDS. He overhyped the virus. He created fear, saying it might affect the whole population when it couldn’t. And he is using the same playbook with coronavirus, ignoring therapy, forcing a vaccine.”

In reply to Johnson’s criticism, Dr. Fauci said on CNN that he has no clue what the Republican senator is speaking about: “Overhyping COVID-19 that has taken the lives of 780,000 Americans and more than 5 million around the world? So I don’t have a clue what he is talking about.”

The senator is not alone with his blunt assessment, however. Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccines, was critical of Fauci and says that preventing HCQ and ivermectin-like treatments has led to the deaths of many COVID-19 patients.

Another supporter of drugs like ivermectin to treat covid is Dr. Pierre Kory, an American physician and co-founder of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance.

In December of last year, the physician testified before the Homeland Security committee about treatment for Covid-19. During this testimony, Kory says that existing “information shows that ivermectin is a ‘miracle drug’ for COVID-19. The extent of its effect is close to its Nobel prize-worthy impacts on parasitic diseases across many areas of the world.”

Author: Blake Ambrose