Republicans Kick Biden’s Marxist Nominee To The Curb After Epic Battle For Power

A lot can be said about Biden’s ongoing failures. Americans are baffled at how a presidential administration can be so pathetically incompetent. What stuns most people is how, even though the White House is failing, it continues to push the same disastrous policies. Bad outcomes and sinking approval ratings aren’t enough for Biden’s staff to say, “Hey, you know what? Maybe we should change what we’re doing!”

Perhaps the biggest problem with the administration (besides Joe himself) is the people working for him. Joe Biden managed to pick some of the worst figures to populate his cabinet and run major federal agencies. Some of his picks were so terrible, Democrats joined Republican senators to block them during the approval process. And one of the worst fits, a communist who would have worked in the Treasury, is no longer in the running.

Saule Omarova, Democrat President Joe Biden’s nominee for comptroller of the currency, has withdrawn her name from consideration for the position after facing increasing opposition to nomination over allegations that she was a Marxist…

Omarova, who was born in Kazakhstan when it was a part of the Soviet Union, received intense bipartisan opposition from U.S. Senators as she sought to be confirmed. [Source: Daily Wire]

At least five Democrat senators joined Republicans in opposing Omarova, signaling that she would not make it past the confirmation process. But why did she face so much opposition from Republicans and a few Democrats? Because it came to light that she was a Marxist-loving communist who was cheering on the collapse of the U.S. economy.

Earlier this year, she had talked about wanting our oil and gas companies to go bankrupt, even as we suffered from rising gas prices. There were reports that in the past, she celebrated the USSR because they allegedly had “no gender wage gap” (that’s easy to do when there are no wages to be had). While in college, she studied Karl Marx and wrote a thesis about him, a paper she refused to hand over to the Senate.

She had been arrested for shoplifting in the 1990s. She is a fellow at a think tank supported by the Chinese government’s propaganda agencies. Do I need to go on? This obvious communist was picked by Biden to oversee our currency. Is the man insane? That’s like picking a hungry fox to watch the hens. Imagine the damage this anti-capitalist, un-American woman would have done to our country.

The real question is, how could Biden pick someone so ill-equipped for a job in our government? Why does he keep picking socialists/communists to fill his administration? We know that after he received the Democratic nomination, that he welcomed several Bernie Sanders’ staffers onto his team. These must be the out-of-touch clowns calling the shots in his administration.

That would make a lot of sense. Bernie, like his braindead staffers, loves communism so much that he doesn’t understand how America works. The policies put forward by his people would ruin this country.

I guess that explains most of 2021, huh?

Author: James Anderson