Biden Launches Brand-New ‘Brainwashing’ Website

Many idioms illustrate the Joe Biden team’s continuing efforts to sell their terrible “Build Back Better” plan to the American public — now including changing up the words and creating a new website to push the far-left agenda. Sorry, Joe — this new strategy won’t work.

“Check it out!,” they said. I followed orders and did just that.

The White House this Wednesday unveiled their new “Building a Better America” website. This new “Building a Better America” propaganda website would not be more of a fake fairy tale if it started with “Once upon a time…”

“President Joe Biden forged a compromise between Dems, Republicans, and Independents to show that our democracy can give big wins for the American public.”

“After decades of talking about rebuilding America’s decaying infrastructure, President Joe Biden gave the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law – an investment in America that will change Americans’ lives for the better and get us moving again.”

It even gets worse:

“President Joe Biden will give bold action and quick relief for Americans as the nation grapples with converging problems.”

“This will include actions to manage the coronavirus pandemic, give economic relief, deal with climate change, and push forward racial equity, as well as quick actions to reform immigration and repair America’s standing on the world stage.”

That, to me, is all very delusional.

Action on what? Purposely creating one crisis after another — not giving relief — quickly or otherwise. Throw in Afghanistan and the second paragraph is simply a list of those problems, with more coming — not to mention most Americans don’t see “racial equity” as a problem. In fact, they see it for the anti-white scam that it is.

Biden is scheduled to go to Missouri to continue pushing for his BBB plan, albeit again changed up in an attempt to sell it.

And in the case with these Dem initiatives, the White House will make use of “listening sessions” as part of its new push — including the greatest solver of them all, Kamala Harris.

“The White House reports that new branding will be seen on their digital platforms — and during events and listening sessions as President Biden, VP Kamala Harris, and the Cabinet go through the country.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire