Biden’s Chances Of Re-Election Just Took a Nosedive, See Why….

At this point, it seems like we’re beating a dead horse when we talk about how badly Joe Biden is doing. But we know that his failed White House is manipulating the MSM to give him positive coverage. So, if we don’t report on these facts, nobody might. And as time marches on, Biden continues to prove he just might be the worst “president” in our nation’s history.

We’ve seen the sinking approval polls. Worse still, is how Biden is failing on nearly every issue. He seems to be deliberately trying to hurt Americans at every turn. And even as we scream for change, he pushes more policies that are doomed to fail. The only reason we still have a nation is thanks to the federal courts and tireless, conservative leaders at the state level.

The bad news keeps coming for Biden. He recently claimed he was all-in for a 2024 run. But it seems like very few Americans are on board with his plans.

With less than three years to the next presidential election, 22% of Americans say they want to see President Joe Biden run as the Democratic nominee, according to a December poll from I&I/TIPP.

Vice President Kamala Harris is the second most popular candidate, favored by 12% of respondents. None of the other proposed candidates break into the double digits…

Democrats are not overly supportive of the current president either, with 37% supporting him. Second in line to the presidency, Harris is the top pick for 16% of Democratic voters. [Source: Just the News]

These are dismal numbers, especially for a Democrat. Not even Trump had numbers like this, even with the MSM working against him. Less than one in four Americans actually wants Biden to run again. And that includes members of his own party. Only 37% of Democrats want Joe to run in 2024. We’ve never seen that before; Trump was always extremely popular among Republicans, especially for reelection.

What’s even more damning about this poll is that Biden’s second-in-command, Kamala Harris, is doing worse than him. Most speculated Biden picked her so he could “pass the baton” when he was ready to step down. He picked a woman of color, to appease the radical left. But if Joe is stupid enough to move aside so Kamala can run, the Democrats are even more doomed.

Fewer people want to see Harris run than failure Joe Biden.

It seems Democrats are left with zero options for 2024. Every other candidate listed in this poll, people who can be considered notable liberals, earned single-digit support. Democrats don’t have anyone on their bench that can inspire voters, even those in their own party. They have fallen very far from the days of Obama, whom everyone loved (for a while).

What will Democrats do, then, for 2024? It’s hard to believe Biden will even be viable, by then. And Harris will lose before she even announces a run. Without a strong candidate to prop up, the left is essentially giving the race to Republicans. And we all know who is likely going to be running for the GOP.

Author: Peter Jones