Biden’s Status As a Failure Just Got Etched In Stone, See How….

President Joe Biden withdrew Saule Omarova’s nomination to the Comptroller of the Currency after revelations of her connections to communist ideology, the WH announced this week.

Joe Biden issued a statement announcing that he had accepted Saule Omarova’s request to end her nomination this week, but still criticized Republicans for their attacks against her. Republicans in the senate have highlighted Omarova’s alleged past membership to communist groups, as well as her previous academic works, which have included the thesis that she wrote at Moscow State University, which was titled “Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in The Capital.” Saule Omarova, a professor at Cornell Law School, had grown up in the Soviet Union.

“Saule would’ve brought invaluable perspective and insight to our crucial work on behalf of America,” Biden said. “But unfortunately, from the very first moment that her nomination was announced, she was subjected to improper personal attacks.”

Republican Senators had demanded that Omarova provide the text of her Moscow University thesis on Oct. 13, but she refused to and still has yet to provide it. Previously, Omarova has called for the United States to “’end banking,’ as we know it,” and instead advocating for a system where the American people are required to have government checking accounts with the Federal Reserve that would “fully replace all private bank deposits.”

Republican Louisiana Senator John Kennedy ruthlessly questioned Omarova during the hearings in the Senate, and Omarova tried to explain her communist affiliations by saying that “you grow out of it with age.” She also said that membership in communist groups was a requirement in the USSR’s education system, but the hearing was halted when Kennedy asked her to prove that she withdrew from any of the communist groups, online or otherwise.

“I do not mean any disrespect, but I’m not sure whether I should call you professor or comrade,” Kennedy said.

“Senator, I’m not a communist, I don’t believe in that ideology, I could not pick where I was born, I do not remember joining any group on Facebook that believes in that ideology, I would never knowingly join any group like this,” Omarova replied.

Kennedy celebrated Omarova’s withdrawal on Twitter shortly after Biden’s announcement.

Omarova’s chances of passing a vote in the Senate grew slim after key Dems reportedly informed the White House in late Nov. that they wouldn’t support her.

Author: Steven Sinclaire