Biden And Kamala Both Just Hit Rock Bottom — Again

It has been revealed that Biden’s handlers are now “secretly begging” the news media for favorable coverage. And now we see why. If this new poll is any sign, even Biden’s own base is now against him, and his cackling VP is even worse. A new poll has shown an embarrassing 22% of American citizens overall and 37% of Democrats want Joe Biden to run for president again in 2024. Meanwhile, a humiliating 12% (with 16% of Dems) want Kamala Harris to be the new leader of the Democratic party. That’s right: this poll could restore your faith in the American people.

These are shockingly terrible numbers. This week, a WSJ survey had Old Joe having an approval rating around 41%, which is bad enough, but 22% is a new type of misery. And with the VP at just 12%, it is clear that Americans do not want Harris as president.

“It is undeniable,” said Erin O’Brien, a University of Massachusetts professor of political science, showing an admirable power for understatement. “Joe Biden is now hurting in the surveys right now and it is due to many factors.”

Well, yeah, you could say there were numerous factors that reveal why Americans are leaving the Biden White House circus in waves, hunkering down and wishing it doesn’t get any worse before everything is over.

There is his terrible handling of the Covid crisis, with sinister creeping and endless goalposts being moved, from one vaccine to three plus the boosters, and the mandates that have awakened millions of Americans to our freedoms being threatened.

Then there is the large inflation rate, including the sky-high gas prices about which Joe Biden and his news media sycophants have been routinely gaslighting Americans.

Foreign policy has also been terrible, with Biden catastrophically ruining the withdrawal from Afghanistan, then followed by the admission of huge amounts of Afghan refugees into the U.S. without even vetting any of them. The almost certain chance of jihadis being among them will make the Biden White House a gift that will keep on giving to America.

And how could anyone forget the incredible anti-white CRT training in our nation’s schools that target white children with guilt propaganda.

For all of these reasons, Americans have fully turned on Joe Biden.

Author: Blake Ambrose