DOJ Picks a Convenient Scapegoat As Faith In U.S. Military Plummets

Regardless of what political forces controlled our government, there was always one thing Americans could count on. And that was our brave men and women in uniform who defend us, at home and abroad. Our military has always been the envy of the world. And American citizens, be they liberal or conservative, have long shown respect and admiration for those who risk their lives so we can live in freedom.

But not even that is dependable, in the Age of Sleepy Joe. When Biden entered office, he filled his cabinet with “woke” leftists unfit for their jobs. That includes the people he put in charge of the military. It didn’t take long for Americans to see our once-proud Armed Forces decline. So, we shouldn’t be surprised at this latest report. The defense secretary, however, is. And he’s making the most bogus of excuses.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin this week pointed to “various websites” as a reason the military has become more partisan, after a survey showed that only 40 percent of Americans had great confidence in the U.S. military’s ability to act in a professional and nonpolitical manner.

“The military doesn’t exist in a vacuum and as you take a look at the landscape around the country, things have become a lot more partisan in recent years and if you look at what’s going on on various websites that really adds fuel to some of that partisanship,” he told Defense One recently. [Source: Breitbart]

Oh, it’s “various websites” that have led to a historic decline in respect for our military? I thought it was the fact that our weak defense secretary has wasted time and money rooting out “white supremacists” from our Armed Forces. Instead, you know, preparing our soldiers to defeat our enemies.

The first time Austin did after taking over the Pentagon was push a woke agenda. He decided to transform the military into yet-another platform for the radical left. Instead of focusing on the effectiveness of our Armed Forces to defeat threats against our country, Austin was more worried about exposing the political leanings of the men and women who served in it.

Gee, I wonder if that’s why Americans feel the military has become more partisan and political?

Austin’s failure to keep our military sharp and combat-ready was on display for the world to see when we failed to keep Afghanistan safe. Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Mark Milley, botched the withdrawal of our troops, leaving behind tens of thousands of innocent bystanders. That’s not even including the billions of dollars worth of weapons and equipment that immediately fell into the Taliban’s hands.

Hmm… maybe these morons should have spent more time strategizing and less time hosting critical race theory seminars for military staff? Just a thought.

It’s painfully clear that Biden wanted to turn our military into a political farce. Like every other branch of the federal government, it has become a laughing stock, a shell of what it formerly was. Biden’s toxic influence has left our Armed Forces in disarray, yet another vehicle to push socialism, wokeness, and failure.

Author: Mark Graham