Hillary Clinton Puts On a Comedy Show For Republicans — But It Wasn’t Intentional

A crying Hillary Clinton read her victory speech she wrote for the 2016 Election Night, had she not been beaten by Donald Trump.

Clinton took the memory lane trip as part of a MasterClass series. The former sec. of state has been supporting her class, “The Power of Resilience,” reports The NY Times. Part of her reading of her speech was published Wednesday on the “Today” show.

“In this lesson, I am going to deal with one of my most public losses by sharing the speech I wanted to give if I had won the election,” Clinton says in the video.

“I have never shared this with anybody,” she says. “I have never read it aloud.”

She became emotional when reading the part about her mom, Dorothy Rodham, “who grew up in poverty and was then abandoned as an 8-year-old girl,” according to the NY Times.

“I dream of going to her, sitting down with her, wrapping her in my arms, and saying ‘look at me. You will survive. You will have a great family on your own. And three kids. And as hard as it may seem to imagine, your daughter will one day become the United States president,” she says.

Critics have mocked Clinton over her reading of the planned speech, including Fox News’s Gregg Jarrett, who said she could instead publish a “MasterClass in cluelessness.”

“I had the misfortune of witnessing the whole speech,” he said to Sean Hannity. “It was very pathetic and totally embarrassing. And somewhat nauseating. I kept thinking – ‘what type of person does this?”

“Well, a person who wants to be relevant, to be sure, but an embittered woman who refuses to accept the responsibility for her own failures,” he said. “She lost because she had a terrible campaign with unpopular programs and was unlikable, and yet she is now obsessed with blaming other people.”

“She wrote a whole book blaming everyone but herself,” Jarrett said. “People like this cannot stand defeat or criticism. She seems like a classic example of narcissistic personality disorder, this overwrought sort of entitlement, an exaggerated feeling of self-importance, and no clue or measure of self-awareness, but to top it off, as you stress, scandal followed her everywhere she went.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire