Biden Begs Putin To Step Down, You Won’t Believe How He Responded

There’s no mistaking it. Joe Biden’s shocking failures as president have not been contained to just the United States. Because of his inability to lead, countries overseas have suffered big time. The worst of course has been Afghanistan, but we are on the verge of seeing more democracies trampled by villains, because Biden is too weak to do anything about it.

For months, we’ve heard about China’s increasing likelihood of invading Taiwan. The communist regime has repeatedly said that it already considered the free country a part of its empire. To make matters worse, Biden’s administration has refused to take a firm stand in defense of Taiwan. This, from a president who claimed there are fewer democracies in the world today. You’d think he’d do something about that.

But China isn’t the only oppressive nation seeking to invade other countries. Russia has been amassing a force along the Ukrainian border for months. Their intentions are obvious. Again, you’d think Joe Biden would step up and defend our ally. According to a report, however, it seems Biden’s pathetic lack of leadership is making the situation worse.

ABC News’ Martha Raddatz said on Sunday that Russia President Vladimir Putin has added more than 10,000 troops to his military build-up near Ukraine following his call with President Joe Biden…

“After that call with President Biden, they added more troops. They added at least 10,000 more troops. So, if he’s bluffing, it’s a very, very good bluff.”

Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce responded to the clip by tweeting: “To my point that it’s *dangerous* having Biden speak directly w any consequential person on the world stage. All it does is *confirm* how feckless, weak & diminished the American president really is. Every day the charade continues, the Dems put this nation in extreme danger.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Did anyone think Biden had the ability to discourage a power-hungry tyrant like Putin? If Joe was really on a call with the Russian president (which we cannot be sure of that), what would Putin have seen? A tire, old, confused man that can’t even finish a sentence. A “president” that needs everything pre-written, since he can’t be trusted to speak on his own.

Do you think Putin is at all intimidated by a man like Biden? If this report is true, Putin was only emboldened to send more troops after speaking with Biden. That is the opposite of what should have happened. Biden should have shown total resolve and support for Ukraine, making it clear that if Russia tried anything, it would regret it.

It doesn’t seem as if Putin is at all worried about what America will do, if he invades this country. Apparently, we were preparing $200 million in military aid to Ukraine, but genius Joe delayed it. Putin probably assumes Biden does not have the guts to stand up to him or anyone else.

And why would he believe anything, otherwise? Remember, Joe Biden abandoned Afghanistan to the Taliban, a force we were fighting for 20 years. He even left behind billions of dollars of military gear. Biden even bowed to the terrorist group’s demands. Putin must assume something similar will happen in Ukraine, or anywhere else Joe promises to “help.”

Author: Matthew Jones