Biden Disrespects Dead Americans — Uses Tornado Casualties To His Advantage

To paraphrase a Democrat named Rahm Emanuel, never allow a good tragedy go to waste.

Take the storms that tore through many states and killed many people over the weekend. According to CNN, officials think the death toll could reach 80, with Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear saying over 70 might have been killed just in his state.

So this Saturday, when President Biden spoke about the tragedy, he naturally tried to put the blame on “climate change.”

Climate change was a convenient scapegoat for Dems whenever an aberrant weather event occurs, even if the science does not back it up. And yet, Big Tech will move against any news outlet that dares to call this out out.

Biden was not able to go to the affected area, being in Delaware. However, as reported by Fox News, he went on a virtual tour of the damage and then spoke to reporters, where one asked him if he “could conclude these storms and their intensity were connected to climate change.”

“The intensity of this weather across the globe has some affects as a consequence of the warming of the world and climate change,” Joe Biden said.

“The specific impact on these types of storms, I cannot say at this time.”

“I am going to be requesting that the EPA and others to look it over,” Biden said.

“The fact is everything is more intense when our climate is warming. And, obviously, it does have some impact here, but I cannot give you a quantitative read on that.”

Instead of saying he doesn’t know as would have been right answer, the president managed to contradict himself many times in seconds:

  1. All Biden knows is climate change is making weather more extreme.
  2. But he can’t tell you about the impact.
  3. He’ll ask the EPA to look it over.
  4. But it definitely has some type of impact — “obviously.”

The answer turned into a push for Biden’s agenda, in other words. Around 80 people are dead and the president is working to blame climate change for this weather — a fallacy climatologists have warned against.

Author: Scott Dowdy