You’re More Likely To Be Murdered If You Live In a Democrat-Run City

All across America, we have seen a disturbing rise in crime. This trend has been steadily growing over recent years but has exploded since 2020. Democrats dismiss it, saying it is the result of the pandemic. That would be true, if the rise in crime was just petty theft. But a troubling trend is being seen across the country—and it has nothing to do with the virus.

Last year, we saw numerous blue cities embrace a toxic movement. They jumped on an ill-fated bandwagon to slash their police budgets. These cuts resulted in the loss of hundreds of police officers, not to mention a lack of resources to protect cities. This came on the heels of radical changes to law enforcement in major cities, like the removal of bail and other measures.

The end result? Twelve cities broke their annual homicide records this year. All of them are run by Democrats.

Philadelphia topped the list, surpassing 500 murders as of Nov. 26 — breaking last year’s numbers with a month left to go in the year. The last time there were this many people killed in the City of Brotherly Love was in 1990.

Rounding out the top five are Indianapolis with 246 killed, Columbus with 179, Louisville with 175, and Baton Rouge with 137…

New York, with roughly 8 million residents, had 443 homicides as of Dec. 5.

Others in the dirty dozen were: Albuquerque (82 murdered), Tucson (80), Portland (72), Rochester (71), Toledo (62), Austin (60), and St. Paul (35).

Despite these cities seeing the sharpest rises in murder rates, Chicago still leads the nation in total homicides for the year, with 739 by the end of November. [Source: Just the News]

We’re not talking about break-ins or shoplifting here. We’re talking about homicides. These cities saw spikes in murders we haven’t seen in decades. And it’s not a coincidence that these cities were run by Democrats. The mayors and city councils of these cities pushed changes that made their residents much less safe.

The biggest move has been to defund their police departments. Philadelphia cut their PDs’ budget by $33 million. In Rochester, their cuts were so drastic the entire police department’s command staff retired. Austin slashed their PD budget by $150 million. A movement to restore funding via a ballot measure failed, because of a misinformation campaign led by leftists.

Austin is such a miserable failure, that cops won’t respond to 911 calls anymore.

So, we see this is not just a failure of leadership. Liberal voters seem to be supporting these toxic and suicidal measures. Even when given a chance to restore law and order, many times these leftists vote it down. What do they expect is going to happen? Do they think they criminals are just going to go away? Why do they keep voting for people who are deliberately making their cities less safe?

How long before the sensible residents, who don’t want to die, leave for safer regions? How long before these blue cities are literal ghost towns? Can’t be much longer.

Author: Alex Smith