Hospital Faces Major Payback For Following Democrats’ Covid Rules

A Virginia hospital was recently held in contempt of court for refusing to give ivermectin to a lady who had been battling coronavirus since early Oct.

Kathleen Davies, a 63yo northern Virginia woman, got severely ill with coronavirus in Oct., and who has been struggling to survive while on a ventilator since November 3.

Davies was prescribed the drug ivermectin by her own doctor, but she was not able to complete her regimen upon getting admitted to the Warrenton Hospital. That’s due to the Virginia hospital not allowing their nurses to give the drug, “citing legal, medical and practical worries,” the Fauquier Times said.

Davies’ son, Chris — who works as a radiologist at the hospital urged the hospital to give the drug as his mom’s health declined and other treatments were exhausted. But the hospital refused.

So on December 6, the Davies family issued legal actions to force Fauquier Hospital to give ivermectin. Just one day after, the Circuit Court Judge Jim Fisher accepted the Davies family pleas and ordered the hospital to give the drug according to the family’s wishes. Surprisingly, the hospital ignored this order.

“They believe it is a battle between the hospital’s right and the rights of Americans. They feel their rights are more important than her rights,” Christopher Davies said to the Fauquier Times.

The hospital said because none of their doctors “think Ivermectin is in the patient’s best interests and all of the doctors have refused to give it” and because Kathleen’s doctor — Dr. Martha Maturi — could not practice her medicine at the Hospital, it would keep ignoring this court order.

But on December 9, Fisher ruled that the policy was not state law and once again ordered the hospital staff to allow the giving of the drug in accordance with the family’s wishes. Importantly, Fisher would not rule about the medical uses of ivermectin as a treatment for coronavirus. But with all other treatments exhausted, Fisher clearly agreed with the family.

Still, the hospital would not allow Maturi to give ivermectin. And in a court filing this week, the hospital started raising objections to Maturi’s qualifications and asked for her to testify under oath.

Now in a new ruling, Fisher has held the Fauquier hospital for contempt of court, ordered the ivermectin administration, and gave daily $10,000 legal fines retroactive to December 9.

Fisher also gave the hospital until the end of this week to administer ivermectin, or he would force additional fines.

Author: Blake Ambrose