Psaki Has a Convenient Excuse For Skyrocketing Inflation – Republicans Can’t Stop Laughing

It’s no secret the cost of just about everything has risen over the year. It started with skyrocketing fuel prices. The cost of gasoline continued to rise, not only hurting commuters but every business that relied on shipping goods. From there, the cost of nearly every product, including food, began to rapidly rise. Even as the holiday season rolled around, Americans found it was much harder to afford everything from gifts to turkeys.

In some cases, they couldn’t even find products they needed.

What is the source of this crisis? Joe Biden. This “president” made a number of choices that triggered this wrecked economy. He crippled America’s energy industry with drastic regulations. He injected $1 trillion into the economy, lowering the value of the dollar. He sat on his hands while ships struggled to dock and trucking companies struggled to find workers. And he plans on pumping more money into the overheated economy, ensuring inflation will continue for years.

But if you asked Democrats, including the numbskulls that run the White House, this has nothing do with their scheme to destroy America—I mean their “build back better” agenda. No, this is all because of “corporate greed.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki blamed corporate greed on Tuesday when asked about the cause of soaring meat prices in the United States.

The price index for meats, poultry, fish, and eggs has swelled 12.8% over the past year. For certain products, the increase is even more pronounced. The price of beef has soared in price 20.9% since December 2020, according to Department of Labor data.

Psaki passed the blame onto “meat conglomerates” that are taking advantage of the pandemic to gouge consumers at the grocery aisle…

“So I would say there are some areas where we have seen corporations benefit, profit from the pandemic, and certainly the president would agree with that component.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Wow, these people are that dishonest. And really bad at lying, too. If rising prices were a result of evil corporations taking advantage of the pandemic, then why weren’t they so high last year—when the pandemic was actually affecting Americans? It seems this scheme by companies to jack up prices for no reason only happened after a certain idiot took over the White House.

Does Psaki and Biden really think we’re this stupid? Do they really expect they can say “pandemic” and all their failures, mistakes, and blunders will just go away? The high prices are a direct result of Biden’s terrible decisions. Whoever is advising him are inexperienced children who have never run a lemonade stand, let alone a country.

All that Biden had to do was maintain the policies Trump put into place and we would be world’s away from where we are now. But he deliberately reversed just about everything Trump did, and then some. The problems we are seeing have nothing to do with corporations and everything to do with the fact that we have a crook in the White House.

Chew on that, Psaki.

Author: Paul Sanderson