Biden Loses The Only Ally He Had Left — You Won’t Believe Why

NY Times columnist Bret Stephens penned in a column saying President Biden should not go for reelection in 2024.

In a piece called, “Biden Should Not Run Again,” Stephens also said the president was “alarmingly incoherent.”

For a NY Times to beg Joe Biden to go away so other Dems can prepare for the next presidential race, is unprecedented. It could also be somewhat unnerving for Dems.

Stephens is a Never Trumper and was a critic of former Trump. He contends that Joe Biden’s age and his “uneven” mental state, must be addressed because it might hurt the party and the nation if he takes too long to declare he won’t run. He also mentioned that it might be “liberating” for Biden’s team to announce he is not running and that it would reenergize the Dem. Party.

“Is it a great idea for Biden to run again in 2024? And, if he does run again and then wins, would it be good for the U.S. to have a leader who is 86 — the age Joe Biden would be at the end of a second term?” he said in his column. “I put these questions out there because they must be discussed candidly, not only whispered constantly.”

“It won’t do. From some of his TV appearances, Biden looks uneven. Often cogent, but many times alarmingly incoherent,” he said. “Why is this? No idea. Do his TV appearances (including the good ones) give off strong confidence that Biden can continue in his current term, to say nothing about the next? No.”

“This is not good. Not for him, not for the office, and not for the Democrats, not for the nation,” he said.

“Things could be different if the Joe Biden presidency were starting off great. But it’s not. Blame Manchin or McConnell, but Joe Biden’s poll numbers are deep underwater since August. The man who once delivered hope to his party now harms the party’s fortunes like cement shoes.,” Stephens said, referring to Biden’s falling poll numbers and the economic problems he has embroiled himself into.

Author: Steven Sinclaire