DeSantis Triggers Liberal Outrage With New Child-Safety Bill

How about Governor Ron DeSantis? The 42-year-old Florida governor is demonstrating what federalism is all about.

He is pushing back on the Biden White House and all kinds of other liberal nonsense. His latest trick: working to make critical race theory illegal, which is the increasing scourge of government, schools, agencies and corporations.

To combat it, he is introducing legislation called “Stop the Wrongs to Our Kids and Employees.”

It is the Stop WOKE Act. DeSantis is winning a lot lately. Seemingly without any resistance from Democrats in Florida. December is almost over, and all month he is been sticking it to Biden’s feds in many ways.

He has tried to get money to take illegals that Biden dumps in Florida and transport them to Delaware — Joe Biden’s home state — and to Martha’s Vineyard, where Obama lives.

With the latest variant of coronavirus, the scary-sounding omicron strain, this month Governor DeSantis said there will be no Fauci-ism in the state’s response to it.

And he started the month asking for resurrecting the Florida State Guard, a civilian organization under state control to help with the Florida National Guard. That was only December.

DeSantis also resisted coronavirus lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations, and face masks. He has offered jobs to officers who were forced from their jobs in other states and invited cargo ships that were stranded in California ports to unload their items in Florida.

Also, because the NCAA was hinting at pulling events from Florida, he returned fire by signing a bill prohibiting biological males from entering women’s sports.

DeSantis has been mentioned as a candidate for president thanks to his many wins. But he has been coy about this possibility.

“I appreciate the people looking at me for many things but we have accomplished a lot here but I have much more to do,” he said.

DeSantis’ newest proposal, Stop WOKE, will be “the strongest law of its kind in the country,” according to a media release from his office.

“In Florida we are standing up against the state-supported anti-whitism that is critical race theory,” said Governor DeSantis, who was quoted in the press release.

Author: Scott Dowdy