Democrats Take Fearmongering To a Whole New Level – But Americans Just Aren’t Buying It

Why is Joe Biden so unapologetic about his failed presidency? Because he seems to truly believe he can blame everything on the pandemic. Inflation? Pandemic. Supply chain woes? Pandemic. Afghanistan? Pandemic. Open border? Pandemic.

Even as his approval crashes and burns, the administration denies responsibility for the many crises they caused. Apparently, they still think it’s 2020 and even mentioning COVID would send Americans into a toilet-buying fear-driven frenzy.

But it’s been nearly two years of the media and Democrats peddling hysteria over COVID. And it seems Americans are over it. Even as the CDC and others try to stir up worries over the new “variant,” a poll reveals what Americans really think.

Nearly 70 percent of Americans say the coronavirus omicron variant does not necessitate additional mandates or restrictions, a Thursday Trafalgar Group poll revealed…

69 percent of Americans opposed enhanced mandates and restrictions. Thirty percent said more mandates and restrictions are needed.

Among Democrats, 54 percent say the omicron variant does not warrant more mandates, while 45 percent say it does…

When Republicans were asked, 86 percent opposed additional omicron mandates. Thirteen percent support increased mandates on individual liberty. [Source: Breitbart]

Just about 70% of Americans do not want more mandates or restrictions over the latest COVID variant to cross the headlines. That includes 86% of Republicans and a surprising majority of Democrats, at 54%.

After two years of bogus lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine demands, Americans are seeing the light. This virus does not warrant drastic measures from power-hungry governments that clamp down on our constitutional freedoms. From the very start, the government should have simply called on Americans to exercise caution and carry on with their lives.

Democrats really screwed the pooch on this one. They revealed their true colors as dictators who shut down our liberties at the drop of the hat. But today, Americans are no longer fooled. Fears of a virus will not be enough for them to accept ridiculous mandates from people who seemingly profit from them.

In most of America, COVID is not even talked about. Most people don’t wear masks, nor do they care if their friends or family are vaccinated. From all appearances, things have gotten back to normal. Not in blue states. Tyrannical Democrats continue to impose ridiculous mandates, some pushing for harder ones in recent days.

But these numbers prove Americans are done with it. We are not children, we don’t need a nanny. But by all means, Democrats, keep pushing mandates that cripple your communities, shut down your schools, and devastate your economies. It’ll make the red wave coming even stronger.

Author: Sam Anderson