Watch: Kamala Reveals What She Really Stands For, Jaws Hit The Floor

Who knew Kamala Harris could make herself out to be an even bigger fool? Just when you think she can’t, she manages to do it.

While lying to Democratic donors about Joe Biden’s initiatives this week — including about his cornerstone “Build Back Better” plan — Harris lied about the moral and noble things she and the Dems stand for.

And it is all a complete load of crap.

“We must make it certain. Democrats support women’s rights. And we think the right of a woman to make a choice about her own body is not negotiable.”

“Democrats support voting rights […] We stand for Dreamers. We support farmworkers.”

“We support LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters. We support people with disabilities. We stand for our kids and the planet they will inherit.”

Supporting the “non-negotiable” “right” to murder unborn children, yet also saying you stand for children? How about the kids who were not allowed a chance to inherit a thing — let alone earth? Or, hell — standing for biological male athletes competing in girl sports and winning easily?

“Voting rights.” Dems stand want to make it easier for Dems to cheat. They support less photo id to vote than to buy prescriptions. They skewered Trump for questioning the 2020 election, yet they still believe Hillary Clinton and her stupid claims of Russian intervention. And let’s throw in Stacey Abrams, who still says she won the Georgia governor’s election, three years ago.

“We stand for farmworkers.” Let me fix that one right fast, Kamala. You stand for any farm worker so long as they’re not white. Biden’s farm relief bill specifically excluded white farmers! Which is why GOP Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller issued a discrimination lawsuit against the Biden White House in April. And you won’t see many Republicans who even know this happened because places like Fox News won’t report on it.

The simple truth is:

It was not as if I chose to write this little piece because I was not sure if our readers really knew how awful Kamala Harris really is. On the contrary. Kamala Harris — of all the people — standing at the podium, using a straight face, laying out all the things she supposedly stands for?

That is too much. Even for VP Kamala.

Author: Scott Dowdy