Democrats in Meltdown Mode as Key Voting Group Flips Red

Name the one group that—above all other Americans—despises policies that weaken our border, erode the jobs market, and upend traditional gender roles and family structures. If you said white people, you might be off the mark. There are plenty of granola-crunching white Americans who would trade our God-fearing, conservative heritage for transgender parents raising non-binary children that identify as dragons.

But you know who wants none of that? Hispanic Americans.

Democrats played a very dumb game. They doubled down on reckless policies, namely socialism and an open border. They did this, thinking that it would impress and win over Hispanic voters. But, despite what the racist left thinks, most Hispanic Americans are actual Americans, not illegal aliens. And those that came from South America (legally) want nothing to do with the socialist policies that destroyed their home counties.

And they don’t appreciate what Biden is doing in the slightest.

So, big surprise, they are turning away from the Democratic Party in droves.

A recent poll found that Hispanic voters favor a generic Republican over a generic Democrat by two points, a 42-point swing since the 2018 midterm exit polls, where Hispanic voters overwhelmingly supported the Democrat…

Forty-eight percent of the Hispanic voters would support a generic Republican on the ballot if the election were held today, compared to the 46 percent who support the generic Democrat. Four percent said they “would not vote,” while only two percent said they were “not sure.” […]

The exit poll from the 2018 midterm election showed an estimated 69 percent of the Hispanic voters who voted for the Democrat in the congressional races nationwide, compared to the 29 percent who backed the Republican candidate, data compiled by Pew Research showed. [Source: Breitbart]

Gee, I wonder what’s changed since 2018? Plenty. Back then, the Democrats were pushing a false narrative that Donald Trump and the GOP were a bunch of racists who hated Hispanic Americans. They promised that if Hispanic voters put them in control of the country, things would be better for all of us.

By 2021, Democrats were in charge of the House, Senate, and White House. And what did they do to repay Hispanic voters and everyone else that foolishly voted for them? Well, let’s take a look. Democrats:

  • Opened the border, triggering a migrant crisis.
  • Issued “stimulus” payments, leading to skyrocketing inflation.
  • Created a worker shortage, putting small business owners at risk.
  • Pushed more school lockdowns and job-killing vaccine mandates.
  • Pushed policies that both crippled our fuel industry and made the supply chain crisis worse.

Oh, and they are pushing radical transgender policies that look to reinvent the family and endanger children.

Does any of that sound like things Hispanic Americans (or any Americans) want for the country? Hispanic voters watch as Joe Biden tries to push a toxic socialist agenda much like the kind in place in South and Central America. Do you know how many Cubans in Miami fled their homeland to get away from this stuff? Do Democrats think they’ll keep supporting their party over this?

I don’t think so.

Author: Paul Abercrombie