DeSantis Triggers Incredible New Anti-Biden Trend In GOP States

Former Congressman Lou Barletta (R), now going for Pennsylvania governor, says he will also consider plans to bus illegals out of President Biden’s home state of Delaware.

Barletta said on Saturday that he would take similar actions as Governor Ron DeSantis (R) in Florida, who last week unveiled six proposals and an emergency order to fight companies and Israel-based international organizations that help illegals to get to America.

“We won’t accept illegals from the border,” Barletta said.

“They are shutting down businesses, making you take the vaccine that some people don’t want, forcing masks on your kids, and yet they are allowing people to come through the border and sending them to Pennsylvania and other states with no proof of their health,” Barletta said. “This all stops when I am governor.”

DeSantis’s order restricts the renewal or issuance of all state licenses to Florida Dept. of Children and Families (DCF) locations that give services to Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) who get resettled by the White House across states.

In addition, DeSantis’s alleged agenda includes on-paper plans to financially destroy NGOs that help the process of UAC resettlement. DeSantis has claimed he wants $8 million to send illegals from Florida to Martha’s Vineyard and Delaware.

Barletta said his state’s close proximity to Delaware will make the moving of illegals even more cost-effective than for Florida.

“Governor DeSantis is doing a good job in Florida … yes, I would take the same steps that Governor DeSantis did,” Barletta said.

Barletta said it will be his role as Pennsylvania’s governor to defend his citizens against illegal immigration.

“Who is protecting the victims of these crimes that should never have happened? And as a governor, how can you allow this to happen? It is disgraceful what is happening here in the state of Pennsylvania,” Barletta said.

This comes at a time when mass-immigration is also being imposed on Europe, Canada and Australia. All nations with majority white populations. Some say this is about politics or economics, but with support from even conservative parties, and most illegals possessing no in-demand skills, it remains to be explained what the true agenda is.

Author: Blake Ambrose