MAGA Americans Regroup In Jaw-dropping Gathering — And Liberals Aren’t Liking It

Crowds of over 10,000 people in the MAGA movement and other American patriots have gotten together in Phoenix, Arizona for a Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest talk.

Photos of the crowds showed the considerable presence, with patriots not bowing to progressives and anti-white authoritarian opposition to wear ridiculous masks and accept forced vaccines.

Tucker Carlson talked during the first night of the conservative conference, his discussion gave themes of traditional political talking points to alternatives to the globalist way of doing life promoted by the United States government. Turning Point founder Charlie Kirk also started the conference off.

Tucker explained the true reality of the United States fundamentally shifting away from the vision of a “free” nation supported by Americans of previous generations, towards one of authoritarian liberal social experiment in which things like liberty, freedom and tolerance are replaced with diversity and so-called equity.

Conservative speaker Jack Posobiec is believed to talk at the conservative conference, as well as Trump Jr. and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

Our reporters were there in attendance, reporting from the scene of the large and historic conservative gathering. Donald Trump rallies during the 2016 presidential campaign brought in over 15,000 attendees, and it is possible AmFest might rival such numbers, amounting to one of the largest conservative gatherings in the history of the state of Arizona.

This comes at a time when Biden and Democrats cannot muster even the smallest of gatherings. Recent polls reveal Biden’s support has fallen to reach rock-bottom levels. This is mostly due to inflation hurting American families from the working-class all the way to wealthier small-business owners.

Meanwhile, Republicans are quickly regrouping after the events of 2020. Donald Trump has not as of yet officially confirmed he will be running for President in 2024, but he has never stopped hinting about such a run.

The 2022 midterms are also looking brutal for Democrats. Many pollsters are already predicting a large tidal wave of conservative candidates that could take the U.S. House from Democrats, leaving Biden much less powerful than he is now.

Author: Steven Sinclaire