Biden Triggers The Downfall Of The Democratic Party, See How…

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (WV) might reportedly switch to become an independent after the Joe Biden administration this Sunday accused him of disloyalty.

After Manchin’s vocal opposition to Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion BBB agenda, the White House said Manchin broke “his commitments to President Biden.”

This accusation could result in Manchin changing to independent, though the senator would still caucus along with Democrats, Axios said.

Manchin is from the state of West Virginia, a red state that Joe Biden lost in 2020 by almost 40 points.

“I am from West Virginia,” he said this Monday. “I’m not from where there are Democrats, and they can just beat the crap out of folks and think they will be submissive, period.”

For months Biden attempted to work out an arrangement with Manchin to form the spending program in the 50/50 split Senate. Senator Manchin maintained throughout these negotiations he was against major provisions in the program.

In October, leaks showed that Manchin wanted to leave the Dem party over fears his opposition to provisions in the extreme package would embarrass the party.

But Manchin, who some say put out the leaks, immediately condemned these rumors. “I cannot control rumors, and this is bullshit,” Manchin said to journalists.

Over the weekend, Manchin said on Fox News Sunday he would be against the reconciliation program.

“This is a no on this law. I have attempted everything I know to do. And President Biden has worked diligently,” Manchin stated. “He has been wonderful to work with.”

Manchin’s comment got prompt backlash from the Biden White House, which accused him of disloyalty.

“If his remarks on FOX and a written comment indicate the end to that effort, they show a sudden and strange reversal in his position, and a breaking of his commitments to President Biden and the Senator’s colleagues in the Senate and House,” the White House stated.

This comes at a time when Biden’s approval ratings have already fallen because of inflation and the harm it has done to American families. Manchin’s no vote was done because of this inflation, and the Biden Democrats should take a page from Manchin’s playbook if they are smart.

Author: Blake Ambrose