Trump Gives a Christmas Message Democrats Will Never Forget

It is not a secret that the U.S. is divided. The political temperature is sky-high high, and both sides are growing increasingly angry with the other.

The country needs someone to save it, but it won’t be an elected politician. In a talk at First Baptist Dallas recently, former President Trump made this very clear.

According to news outlet KTVT-TV, Trump went to the Texas church with Dr. Jeffress, who is the pastor. Church members and other people awaited “several hours” to hear Donald Trump talk.

Trump started his message by talking about various problems plaguing the nation. They included the border crisis and out of control inflation, KTVT reported.

“I believe our nation is in a lot of trouble,” he said. “There are clouds hanging over our nation right now. Very dark clouds. But we will come back better than ever. I am telling you that.”

While the message did have political undertones, Jeffress stated that Trump did not go over the line of what is appropriate for the location.

“I don’t believe the president said anything too political,” Jeffress said. “He did not talk about candidates he was opposing or supporting.”

However, it was what Donald Trump said next that was his best and most powerful part of his message.

After his starting speech, which lasted around 10 minutes, Donald Trump moved to his Christmas message, as reported by KTVT.

“When I was listening to what Robert said, perhaps without knowing it, you used the term ‘Savior’ a lot,” Donald Trump said.

The next 24 words were right on the mark and what America need to hear.

“Our nation needs a Savior right now, and our nation has a Savior, and that is not me,” Trump said. “That’s someone much higher.”

The almost 4,000 people gave this reminder a roaring applause. One of the people within the sanctuary, said to KTVT that he was inspired by Donald Trump’s message.

“I think he represents America well,” Kerry Stuvar said. “I believe he represents Christianity well.”

Donald Trump’s admission that America’s Savior is not him, but instead the Lord, is in contrast with President Biden’s attitude during his initial 11 months in office.

Author: Blake Ambrose