Delusional Psaki Claims Biden ‘Saved Christmas’— You Won’t Believe Why

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone these days who claims Joe Biden’s presidency is a success. Anyone, that is, outside the administration. Even the liberal media has to admit that the economy is in tatters. Biden’s reckless policies triggered crippling inflation. And more bad decisions have hurt numerous industries, leading to shortages and higher costs.

Democrats have little reason to brag right about now. They failed to get their massive spending bill passed before the end of the year. Liberals wasted 2020 ignoring Biden’s endless crises, convinced passing his spending bill would save their bacons. But the bill is DOA and they are left looking like the fools they are.

But if you were to ask the White House, everything is awesome. There’s no reason to worry. In fact, Biden hasn’t destroyed our country’s future. No, he even saved Christmas!

CLAIM: The Biden administration says it’s solved the supply chain crisis by improving traffic at the key West Coast ports.

VERDICT: HALF TRUE. While there have been improvements, the cargo crunch is almost bad as it has ever been…

“Good news. We’ve saved Christmas. And that is because President Biden recognized this challenge early, acted as an honest broker to bring key stakeholders together, and focused on addressing practical problems across the global supply chain.” [Source: Breitbart]

It seems Psaki is just as out of her mind as Joe Biden. Or is as big of a liar as he is. She claimed Biden “acted early” to address the supply chain crisis. Uh, no he didn’t. This problem was brewing early in 2021.

He didn’t even mention it until it came out that his DOT head—Pete Buttigieg—was doing nothing about it. That was in August.

Biden didn’t “bring key stakeholders together” nor “focused on addressing practical problems” with the supply chain. The only thing his administration did was force California ports to operate 24/7 (and threaten fees for those who refused to undock). But everyone knows this did nothing to improve the crisis. Ships were still stuck outside ports because there weren’t enough trucks to receive their goods.

This was due, in part, to California’s ridiculous laws that forbid many trucks from even entering their state. Not to mention “stay-at-home” orders that limited government offices at ports. (And let’s not forget Biden’s “stimulus” and extended unemployment keep trucker drivers from going back to work.)

The only thing that has seemed to marginally help the supply chain crisis has been efforts by private companies and state leaders. Some big box stores like Target and Walmart found work arounds to the supply chain, securing or making goods closer to their stores, rather than rely on outsourced products.

And conservative state governors have filled in the gap, where Biden failed miserably. In Texas and Florida, they welcomed ships that would have been stuck in California for months. Their ports were already working 27/4 and plenty of trucks were able to operate.

So, what did Biden actually do? Uh, nothing, it seems. Backlogs in California are only growing, despite what Psaki claims. Any improvements to the crisis have come in the form of companies adapting or conservative leaders paving the way.

If anything, Biden has gone out of his way to ruin Christmas, not save it.

Author: Matthew Smith