Elon Musk Officially Enters Politics, And Democrats Are Horrified

Tesla CEO and technologist Elon Musk hit back against the rising culture of anti-white “woke” authoritarian liberals during an interview with the comedy website Babylon Bee, saying the anti-white subculture in terms that may shock the emotions of liberal affluent liberal elites.

When asked about the woke culture, Musk said its perpetrators were guilty of striving to a society that is humorless and colorless, reminiscent of authoritarian countries like Soviet Union.

“At its heart, wokeness is hateful,” Musk said about the authoritarian culture. “Basically, it allows mean people to be cruel and evil. Armored in fake virtue.”

Musk even called out wokeness as a threat to “civilization,” saying what he said was a “mind virus” could result in the downfall of society similar to what was seen in the Roman Empire.

Musk also mentioned his short Twitter war with the progressive Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren, speaking about the Democrat’s hypocrisy for coming after him for not paying taxes. (Musk intentionally sold some Tesla shares to pay over $10 billion in taxes recently.)

“She said I was a grifter and a free-loader who does not pay taxes and I am literally paying the most taxes that anyone in history has ever paid. And she does not pay taxes basically at all.”

Musk had a discussion with the Babylon Bee’s Ethan Nicolle and Kyle Mann this week. In the no-holds barred talk, Musk even said that he is “not perverted enough” to be a CNN employee, referencing the series of pedophilia and sex scandals with their producers and the staffers at the fake news network.

Musk, a longtime fan of satirical sites like the Babylon Bee, remarked that he saw the Onion going in a “politically correct” direction.

The space entrepreneur is known for being among the few elites in the United States who declines to kneel before anti-white authoritarian ideology.

As more and more people stand up to the cry-bullies on the left, there seems to be no stopping the division of America. And that’s something that should scare everyone. Meanwhile, Joe Biden continues to allow antifa and BLM to spread their wings and commit violence whenever they want, and without consequence.

Author: Steven Sinclaire