Republican Governor Caught Helping The Enemy

A whistleblower has showed up on the scene to reveal shocking news that the state dept. in Texas is having critical race theory indoctrination classes for its employees.

The Texas Dept. of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) had a training for its workers that encompassed core parts of the anti-white critical race theory. The information was found by former state senator Don Huffines, who is running against Abbott in a primary challenge for governor in 2022.

The DFPS course was called, “Knowing Who You Are,” and forced employees to accept a test rating them based on their knowledge of anti-white neologisms like “Institutional Racism” and of course the popular “White Privilege” conspiracy theory. The 13,000 DFPS workers were also reviewed for their commitment to so-called social justice.

They were also forced to go through a TedX talk from Dr. Camara Jones, a professor and affirmative action beneficiary who pushes the idea that being healthy is racist.

“For any of us, it is hard to recognize any system of inequity that is working in our favor. For example, it is hard for men to recognize sexism and male privilege. It is hard for white people in this nation to recognize racism and white privilege,” said Jones.

“Like institutionalized racism, it can be through doing and not doing. But even more crucially, it could be unintentional, or intentional. You do not have to want to have a racist impact to commit a racist action, to have a racist affect,” she added.

Huffines says that Governor Abbott has allowed this CRT poison to go through his state government. Abbott ultimately must be blamed for allowing this anti-white nonsense to go on while he is in power, Huffines says.

“Given that DFPS is a Texas state agency under the direction of the governor, Abbott would have been aware that the anti-white training was forced onto state employees,” Huffines said. “And if he was not aware, that is also a serious problem. What other radical liberal initiatives are we funding, without the governor having the desire or will to stop them?”

Author: Scott Dowdy