Trump Responds To Angry Democrat Lawyers With a Smile, And This Warning

The Attorney General of New York, Letitia James, has been investigating former President Trump for months. Trump is coming back with a lawsuit of his own to stop James’ investigations.

The New York Times says that Trump filed a lawsuit against James, who has been leading a civil investigation into Trump’s business, as well as a criminal investigation.

She announced earlier this month that she was dropping out of the run for governor of New York so that she can work on the investigations her office is conducting.

Trump and his business filed the lawsuit in the U.S District Court for the Northern District of New York, based on information from CNBC.

The lawsuit comes after James attempted to depose Trump as a part of the civil fraud investigation, CNN reported.

Trump’s lawsuit claims that James is motivated by a political bias against the former President.

“Her investigation is fueled solely by a desire to intimidate, harass, and fight against a citizen who she thinks is a political opponent,” according to The New York Times.

“Since entering office, she has relentlessly bombarded him, his family, and his business, Trump Organization LLC, with subpoenas in a crusade to ‘take on’ former President Trump,” the suit also states, based on info from CNN.

James did speak out publicly against Trump while he was president, and during fundraising she used anti-Trump sentiment.

She tweeted while campaigning for attorney general that, “New Yorkers need someone who will take on Trump and stand up for our rights,”

James’ office made a statement that said the lawsuit from Trump will not affect its investigations.

However, Trump’s lawyers, said the lawsuit was needed in order to stop James from breaking the Constitution for political purposes.

“We intend to make her accountable for her constitutional violations, and also stop her crusade to hurt her political opponent,” Trump’s attorney said in a statement.

“Without judicial relief, James will continue to violate Trump’s rights in a manner that is unconstitutional and Trump will suffer irreparable harms,” the suit states, according to CNN.

Author: Blake Ambrose