Trump Warns What Inflation Really Means For MAGA Americans

Americans were warned by former President Trump during an interview that inflation is “rapidly getting worse than ever,” he pointed out that energy cost is the “main problem.”

Trump said that gas was at $1.87 per gallon while he was president and now it is “going up drastically,” with prices as high as $7 a gallon in California.

The national average per gallon of gas was $3.31 this week, according to the AAA. During the same period of time that Trump was President the national average was $2.22. Biden’s reduction of America’s oil reserves has decreased the cost of gasoline slightly but that isn’t expected to hold for long because inflation is increasing across the nation.

Trump warned that even though the prices have dropped a few cents, they will jump back up due to inflation “because inflation is going up like a rocket ship.”

“If you own a bakery, if you own anything, you have to be able to heat it, you need machinery, it is all energy,” he commented to Bartiromo. He also said that business relies on airplanes and trucks for transportation, which are all dependent on energy.

“Energy prices have increased so much, it’s staggering, that everything is affected by the increase,” Trump asserted.

Inflation rose at the fastest pace in 39 years during November. Lower and middle-class Americans were hit with rising costs for fuel and groceries right before the holidays. A lot of people have cut way back on celebrations because of the high costs.

“Inflation is hurting the low-income families,” C. Britt Beemer said, it is estimated that low-income families are spending 20% less on their holiday shopping from last year. “They have to decide between what they are going to buy and what they are going to eat.”

As stated by the Labor Department, the consumer price index hit 6.8% in November. This is the fastest increase since inflation hit 7.1% in June of 1982.

Most Americans say Biden and the Democratic policies are to blame for their suffering.

Trump was asked what he thinks could fix the problem of increased energy costs. Trump said “first you have to produce energy and not depend on OPEC,” a fact that many Americans are aware of. America was beginning to gain energy independence before President Biden entered office, and shutdown pipelines, and made us dependent on OPEC again.

In September Jen Psaki claimed the Biden administration would “keep speaking to partners internationally, including OPEC, on how important setting prices, competitive markets, and doing more to help the recovery is,” stated by Fox Business. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said that OPEC+’s rate of oil production increases was “just not enough.”

Americans lost, many jobs, and energy prices went up greatly after Biden became president.

Trump was enraged when Biden released 50 million barrels of oil from the United States Strategic Petroleum Reserve because he fought hard to add to it, now Biden is depleting it. The oil release didn’t affect gas prices significantly, however it did make America vulnerable in the event of an attack or any form of catastrophe.

“This is a huge deal,” Trump said, stating that the reserves are “designed to be used during war” and not “meant to lower the prices a little bit.”

Author: Blake Ambrose