Liberal School Boards Announce New Plan For White Teachers, And It’s Horrifying

If you feel as though you live in a different universe where logic is replaced with something else, here’s new evidence that you might be right. We might be living in an anti-white episode of The Twilight Zone tv show.

The Mankato School Board in the state of Minnesota has voted unanimously to give non-white teachers “extra stipends” based on them not being white, according to BizPac Review. If you were born anything other than white and teach for the school, you will be paid more than white teachers.

You do not have to earn this raise by helping students or doing anything extra. The pay raise is simply based on not being white.

The chairwoman of the board, Jodi Sapp, is not a stranger to controversy. She caused eyebrows to raise when she forced parents to give their addresses and names before speaking about school matters.

In this new move, Sapp spearheaded the charge to change the policy so that only non-white teachers are now eligible for new stipends to be mentors to other non-white teachers.

Whites are not allowed to apply. If this isn’t anti-white, then what is?

Not all people were happy with this vote. GOP state Congressman Jeremy Munson hit back against the policy, stating that, “Our largest school district just issued plans to pay people differently, not for merit, but based only on their skin color.”

“This is encouraged under a new change to Minnesota state Statute 122A.70,” Munson said. “Mankato Area Public Schools Policy #466 gives pay for native American and black school staff over what is given to white employees.”

Erin Roberts, a board member, defended the new policy by stating the policy is not a form of segregation.

Vice-chair Kenneth Reid joined with Roberts in defending the new anti-white rule by saying that, “It creates global citizens in the end.”

Aha! Now it starts to make sense. It’s not about communism but more about globalism and anti-whitism. First they target white kids with racial and emotional brainwashing, then they target white teachers with less pay. And to think that at this point, there are still some naive conservatives who refuse to accept the fact that whites are being targeted.

Author: Blake Ambrose