Despite Having More Power Than Ever, Democrats Failed To Accomplish Anything This Year

As we approach the end of the year, many people are looking back on their accomplishments. Were they successful in achieving their 2021 goals? Was this a year of productivity—or total failure? What can they do, come 2022, to be better, brighter, and more prosperous?

If we look back on Joe Biden’s Congress, we don’t have much to talk about. Biden entered office with Democrats controlling both the House and the Senate. Democrats had an opportunity to score numerous wins for their agenda, especially early on.

So, how did this Congress shape up? Not great, not great at all.

President Joe Biden’s razer-thin majority set a record for one of the most unproductive congressional terms in recent history…

Biden’s legislative agenda passed the fourth-fewest laws, or 36 bills, in the first eight months of his first congressional term, and the fifth-fewest in terms of what Pew Research calls “substantive” laws, among the 18 most recent congressional terms, going back to 1987. By mid-August, Congress had passed 36 laws, only 30 of which counted as significant pieces of legislation. [Source: Breitbart]

Biden’s Democrat-controlled Congress will go down as one of the least productive in our nation’s history. This is saying something, considering Democrats had a majority in both chambers. Yes, it was a small majority, but that still gave them a huge advantage when it came to progressing their agenda.

Yet the Democrats could only get 79 bills to Biden’s desk, a pathetically low number. So, why this failure? It has everything to do with Biden.

If he had a larger majority, he could have sat back and let the Democrats pass as many bills as they wanted. But with only a handful of seats meaning the difference, he needed to work with Congress to pass legislation. That would have included reaching out to Republicans for their votes.

That’s nothing new. It is the job of the president to cooperate with all members of Congress, to reach compromises and deals for the good of the country. Biden should have negotiated with Republicans, agreeing to support some of their goals, so they could pass more bills

Instead, this man who promised “unity” offered nothing like it. It was his way or the highway. Biden bullied, harassed, and scolded Republicans for not bowing to his socialist agenda. Not once did he seem willing to listen to the concerns of a party that makes up more than half the country (and growing).

Without Republican support, it was nearly impossible to pass bills in the Senate. Democrats struggled to work together, as internal conflicts boiled over into a party civil war. All the while, Joe sat back and looked like an idiot and a failure.

Keep in mind, this is a man once praised by Senate colleagues as a moderate. He historically was known for working with Democrats and Republicans to pass laws. So, why is Biden today refusing to show even a shred of respect to the GOP?

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact he is merely a puppet for the far left?

Author: Matthew Peterson