Joe Rogan Mocks Nancy Pelosi For Her Obvious Corruption

Joe Rogan has criticized Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (from Calif.) last week for her nonchalant attitude on Congress-members allegedly having stock market activity that is illegal.

Business Insider had reported that 52 Congress-members broke the STOCK Act, a 2012 law created to prevent government employees and Congress-members from insider trading or using non-public details for private gain. Allegations of Washington lawmakers profiting from non-public details have long plagued Congress-members.

Pelosi was confronted by one reporter two weeks ago concerning the allegations. Nancy Pelosi, however, dismissed an idea that members of the U.S. Congress and their spouses should be prevented from trading stocks.

“This is a free market and we have a free market economy. They should be allowed to participate in that,” Pelosi stated.

During one episode of the “Joe Rogan Experience” posted recently, Rogan watched that clip of Pelosi and said that she was nervousness.

“Have you ever seen someone look more nervous?” Rogan said.

“She is giving this very simplistic and vague answer,” he said. “Because should you participate in the market when you are influencing the direction of the U.S. stock market, or when you know which direction it will go in? Or when you are passing a law that will benefit these businesses, that is going to force the stock up, and you know this, so you invest a s**t-ton of cash before this happens? That seems like it is a problem. That seems like a big problem.”

“Now why is that not an issue? Because we are f***ing co-opted,” Joe Rogan said.

Earlier in his episode, Rogan said that politicians earning money from the fact that they are politicians as a “genius con game” and like “a virus finding its way through a system.”

In fact, Joe Rogan distinguished Congress-members from presidents who profit while being president.

“They are playing a game that’s illegal,” Rogan said about lawmakers. “If you know specifically — that is how they jailed Martha Stewart, isn’t it? Insider trading, right? Yeah, so what is insider trading overall? It’s like, you know some details, and because you know this, you can’t get into the market because you have insider details.”

Author: Blake Ambrose