Democrats Overwhelmed By Gun Owners In Their Own BackYard

New York is now on pace to have its second-highest yearly gun sales ever as the 2021 year draws to an end.

Field & Stream says that “FBI pre-sale background checks reveal that New Yorkers are now on pace to purchase their second greatest amount of firearms since their National Instant Criminal Background check program was activated and went into effect.”

The Hudson Valley Times Union investigated the background checks for firearm sales from Jan. 1st, 2021, through the end of Nov and said: “There were 425,778 gun background checks in NY in the first 11 months of this year, going far beyond the pre-pandemic firearm-buying levels back in 2019, when the FBI had 355,374 gun background checks in the state.”

Mid-Hudson Sporting’s Steve Meyen talked about the surge in firearm sales, saying that “this increase in new gun owners has been astronomical.”

National Shooting Sports Foundation leader Joe Bartozzi said that strong gun sales were being seen around the country: “This year was already shaping up to be among second best year ever for the amount of firearms being sold, second only to the 2020’s record-breaking amount of 21 million background checks for firearm sales.”

This comes at a time when Americans are increasingly worried about violent crime from coast to coast. With Democrats continuing in their agenda of allowing violent criminals to go free by removing bond rules and other laws.

Even more so, Democrats continue to keep America’s borders forced open in order to allow in tens of millions of third-worlders. People who the Democrats then transport across the country to demographically compete with White Americans. Given that this same long term goal is being played out in the same fashion in Europe, Canada and Australia, one can only imagine that it is racial.

Meanwhile, Democrats and other liberal parties in other countries are desperately trying to disarm law-abiding citizens while giving criminals freedom and encouragement. Is it any wonder why so many people are arming themselves to the teeth?

Author: Steven Sinclaire